Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I log in from my email or phone number?

A: Yes, you can use both after you have provided the information on registration. The next time you login, use either one and both options will work. 


Q: I’m having problems creating a password, what is the criteria to set a strong password?

A: We take security very seriously and know this may be complicate at first but here are the parameters that will help you succeed.

Length: 10-25 characters

Characters Accepted: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and @ # _


Q: How can I easily set my birthday on an Android device?

A: Please select the YEAR which you can scroll to your year, and then, you can swipe to the correct month and then day.


Q: What Social Accounts can I use to login with?

A: Currently we don’t have that available but it is scheduled for our next release to support Apple and Facebook logins.


Q: Is there an alert notification for my medicine?

A: Yes there is a notification and snooze option.


Q: Will there be additional medicines added?

A: As we continue to update our site additional meds will be added and free form over-the-counter (OTC) will be permitted.


Q: Do you have to spell the medicine correctly to add it?

A: Once you start typing in the name of the medication it will autofill the rest. 


Q: Can I edit my profile information?

A: Yes, there is an edit option under the profile.


Q: Is there a way to recover your password if you forget it?

A: Although you cannot recover your password you can reset it using your email address. 


Q: Can I add my spouse’s information?

A: Yes, you can add additional family members including your spouse. 


Q: Can I share my information with someone else, like my spouse or physician?

A: No, this is a further enhancement that we are currently working on. 


Q: What information do you see of mine that I enter into the application? 

A: All information is captured, we use data encryption to protect your privacy. We are not able to see your name, therefore, your medication information is “de-identified”. 


Q: What happens to my medication schedule when I travel? 

A: The Owl App will continue to record your origination time “home base” but you can manually adjust the timezone in settings. It is important to speak with a pharmacist when changing a timezone that strongly impacts your schedule and your routine. 


Q: How do I request support or report a problem? 

A: When you elect the three bars in the top left corner, you can select Help and then Support. It will be important to include your knowRX ID which is found on your profile page. 


Q: What if I make a mistake in adding medication and a schedule? 

A: Prescription medications after “save” have limited edit functionality. We are updating what fields you can edit but until then, you can open a support request to remove that entry. For OTC items, you can delete. 


Q: Can I add my pet when they have to take medication? 

A: Yes, pets are family too! However, they are not good with reminders so adding them will help you care for them. Don’t forget to add their photo to their profile too!


Q: Can I update my time zone?

A: From the home screen select settings > Time Zones > find your timezone


Q: How do I log out of the app?

A: When you select the three bars in the top left corner, you can select log out at the bottom of the page.


Q: Can I search if I have a Medicines already saved in the app?

A: Yes, you will go in the Dashboard, click on “My Schedule” tile> click on Search Icon>type in the medicines name


Q: Can I see the impacts of one drug against another drug, or interactions?

A: Today, this functionality is only internal but we have that in our roadmap to make available to you as well.


Q: How can I contact support for additional help or questions?

A: You can submit a form at